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Michigan State Police Angel Program

This is a reminder that the Michigan State Police (MSP) and many local law enforcement entities in our counties are participating in Michigan's "Angel" program which allows an individual seeking substance abuse treatment to walk into any MSP post in Michigan and to request help getting into treatment. A volunteer "Angel" is summoned to the MSP Post to assist with arranging access to treatment and transport to an available treatment provider.


Veteran Navigator Update: Military Sexual Trauma (MST)

Military Sexual Trauma (MST) is the term that the Department of Veterans Affairs uses when defining sexual assault or sexual harassment that has occurred while a Veteran (male or female) served in the Armed Forces. The definition used by the Department of Veterans Affairs comes from Federal law (Title 38 U.S. Code 1720D) and is "psychological trauma, which in the judgment of a VA mental health professional, resulted from a physical assault of a sexual nature, battery of a sexual nature, or sexual harassment which occurred while the Veteran was serving on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training" (National Center for PTSD, 2017).


Veteran and Military Family Trainings

The Star Behavioral Health Providers (SBHP) initiative works with course content created by the Center for Deployment Psychology (CDP). Tier One will be taught by SBHP trained staff from each state. Tier Two and Tier Three will be taught by special teams from CDP. SBHP is a three-tiered training program, with each training tier building upon knowledge from the previous tier.



Within MSHN, 12 of the 21 Counties have a HIGHER percentage of individuals eligible to receive Medicaid Services than the State average.*

*Based on most recent MDCH Fingertip Report – 2010, and before the implementation of Medicaid expansion under Healthy Michigan.

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