Board & Councils

MSHN and the Board of Directors are dedicated to ensuring that equality in voice and governance exists, and that the benefit to the citizens meets Medicaid standards while being provided in ways that reflect the needs and resources of the communities in which each CMHSP Participant operates. The organization and operation of the MSHN is based on a shared operating structure, using a committee-based system that creates many venues, allowing voices from across the region to be heard.  It establishes certain checks and balances to ensure that governance remains balanced and equal while achieving high levels of regulatory compliance, quality of service, and fiscal integrity.  

MSHN supports the concept that important decisions benefit from the thoughtfulness that results from a process that includes the collective knowledge of the CMHSP Participants’ leadership and local knowledge to formulate plans, policies, and procedures and makes essential services readily available to their consumers.

scope and authority. In addition to the authority granted to the Entity under the Mental Health Code and the Bylaws, the scope and authority of MSHN is to provide a framework for basic decision making, a structure for communicating among and between the Board, administration and councils that is inclusive, collegial, equitable, and responsive.  It directs the inclusion of CMHSP Participant representatives, provider representatives, appointed representatives, persons in service and stakeholders, and provides the means to address special needs as they present.