Welcome to Mid-State Health Network 

About MSHN

Mid-State Health Network (MSHN) is the Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP) for twenty-one Michigan counties, and is in partnership with the Community Mental Health (CMH) agencies of these counties. MSHN, in partnership with the CMH’s and local providers, provides mental health services to adults with severe and persistent mental illness, children with severe emotional disturbance, individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities, and individuals with substance use disorders. As the manager of services, MSHN will make sure that services are given to you based on your needs and goals and are within the guidelines set by the state of Michigan. MSHN strives to ensure that you and your family members are treated with dignity and respect. 

A woman therapist reaching out to her clientOur Mission

The mission of Mid-State Health Network is to ensure access to high-quality, locally-delivered, effective and accountable public behavioral health and substance use disorder services provided by its participating members.

Our Vision

The vision of Mid-State Health Network is to continually improve the health of our communities through the provision of premiere behavioral healthcare and leadership. Mid-State Health Network organizes and empowers a network of publicly-funded community partnerships essential to ensure quality of life while efficiently and effectively addressing the complex needs of the most vulnerable citizens in our region.

Our Organizational Statements on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Mid-State Health Network is committed to finding intentional ways to achieve better equity in our organization and in our region, to diversify our workforce, stakeholders, and service participants, to grow in our understanding and inclusion of all residents of Region 5, and to eliminate bias, discrimination, and health disparities in the healthcare services we exist to support.

MSHN Official DEI Statement

Our Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan is based on our founding principles, which include cooperative, open, and frank discussion of the strengths, weaknesses, and capacities of MSHN and each CMHSP partner as well as partnership with our SUD provider network; planning and operations that reflect a realistic evolutionary process; flexible and robust managed care operations not favoring any provider or any particular CMHSP or CMHSP service model; and many others. In partnership, MSHN and its CMHSP participants are committed to effective health integration activities, equity, and accountability.

FY2024-FY2025 Strategic Plan

Mid-State Health Network - Impact Report

Impact Report

The impact report is a multi-year look at MSHNs organizational and regional accomplishments.  It is a small list drawn from among many important and positive impacts we have made in our six years as a Regional Entity/Pre-Paid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP).  Our intention was to be brief, but also to highlight who we are, how we do things, and the positive benefits we have been a part of achieving. 

Since our inception in 2014, the Mid-State Health Network PIHP – and the MSHN region - has been at the forefront of creating a highly efficient and very effective regional entity based on effective regional partnerships.  We’ve had many struggles, but far more successes – and a bit of good fortune.  Many tens of thousands of beneficiaries have been effectively and efficiently served – in large part due to our partnerships, collaborations, and advocacy.  And in very large part, due to the partnerships with our regional CMHSP Participants, our Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Providers, our sister regional Entity/PIHP colleagues across the State of Michigan and our State Partners..  We also owe a lot to the dedication and effectiveness of our staff, the staff of our regional partners, our PIHP/RE colleagues, our board and many others.

For our agency and our region, no success can be attributed to any single person.  It is our collective impact that we celebrate!  The impact that is only possible due to our individual and collective commitment to excellence; our collective commitment to better health, better care, better provider systems and better value.  Above all, our commitment to beneficiaries.

We celebrate these successes even while we remember all that it took to get to this place…and what is needed for us to face and shape our future.

On behalf of the Mid-State Health Network Board of Directors, our Oversight Policy Board, and our staff, we want you to know how much we value our relationship with you – our provider partners.  Our region is committed to ensuring that beneficiaries who need specialty behavioral health services are able to live healthier and fuller, more independent and better-quality lives of their choosing – with the supports and services they need to thrive.

Please feel free to share this message and the Impact Report with your stakeholders, board members, clients and others who may be interested in learning about or building on the regional successes that we highlight in our report.