Substance Use Disorder

Mid-State Health Network (MSHN) is pleased to partner with SUD prevention and treatment services providers that offer an array of services throughout MSHN’s 21-county region.  MSHN ensures an adequate and sufficient network of providers through a variety of mechanisms including, but not limited to, the development of a comprehensive provider directory, regular reviews of access and availability data, review of Community Needs Assessments and Demand for Services data, review of utilization reports, and solicitation of stakeholder input.

2022 Network Adequacy Assessment 

Providers are expected to adhere to all standards, requirements, and legal obligations contained in MDHHS guidance and requirement documents applicable to the specific services being purchased and provided.  Providers are responsible for understanding, demonstrated through service delivery, the content pertinent to the scope of work identified in its contract.  The links to the right provide information relative to requirements as an SUD treatment or prevention provider.  

MSHN welcomes the opportunity to enhance SUD partnerships and appreciates feedback regarding SUD services. Please contact MSHN staff to share knowledge, concerns and/or expertise.

FY 2021-2023 MSHN SUD Strategic Plan 

This document provides an overview of MSHN’s current SUD delivery system, the epidemiological data for the region and the strategic plan for addressing identified substance use disorder needs over a three-year timeframe.