Provider Credentialing

Substance Use Disorder (SUD) providers must complete the credentialing process in order to join MSHN's provider panel.  Recredentialing must be conducted at least every two years.  Providers seeking to join MSHN's provider panel must demonstrate the following minimum qualifications:

  • License: a current unrestricted, unconditional license to practice substance use disorder treatment or prevention services in the State of Michigan, issued by LARA;
  • Accreditation (treatment programs): Current accreditation from a national body approved by the State of Michigan;
  • Certification (if applicable): Current certifications to provide specialized services as required by the State of Michigan;
  • ASAM Level of Care Designation (treatment programs): Approved by the State of Michigan;
  • Insurance: Current malpractice insurance and professional liability insurance in the amount required by MSHN (minimum $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate);
  • Willing to accept all Medicaid/Healthy Michigan clients residing in MSHN's 21-county region (treatment programs); and
  • Provider staff must meet provider qualifications as defined by the State of Michigan.

To submit an application or for questions about the credentialing or recredentialing process, please contact                     Carolyn Watters at 517.657.3000 or Kyle Jaskulka at 517.657.3009.

Delegation of  Provider Staff Credentialing

MSHN requires organizational providers to credential and re-credential their direct employed and subcontract direct service providers in accordance with the MSHN's credentialing/recredentialing policies and procedures, which conforms to the MDHHS credentialing requirements.  

Provider Staff Qualifications

SUD treatment provider staff must meet qualifications as outlined in the PIHP/CMHSP Provider Qualifications Chart.  

SUD treatment and prevention providers may request temporary privileging for staff members who are not certified or have not registered a development plan with MCBAP, but are in the process of obtaining certification or a registered development plan.  If temporary privileging is granted, it shall expire 120 days after the MSHN decision effective date.