Provider Manuals


MSHN SUD Provider Manual

The MSHN SUD Provider Manual outlines policies and procedures established by Mid-State Health Network, which governs the provision of substance use disorder treatment and prevention services.



MSHN Notices

GAIN Assessment (H0001 - HV), March 28, 2019, Updated June 10, 2019

MDHHS SUD Services Provider Manual

The MDHHS SUD Services Provider Manual outlines the requirements of treatment and prevention providers under contract with MSHN including data collection and reporting, credentialing and recredentialing, as well as technical advisories.  

MDHHS SUD Services Manual

MPDS User Manual

The following maual provides information about the intent and design of the Michigan Prevention Data System (MPDS) for Substance Use Disorder Services (SUDS) which can be accessed at (Helpful hint: do not use www). It also provides guidance on what type of prevention activities are eligible for entry into the data system and additional record keeping requirements.

MPDS User Manual