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MSHN – Mid-State Health Network

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About MSHN - 2018

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The mission of Mid-State Health Network is to ensure access to high-quality, locally-delivered, effective and accountable public behavioral health and substance use disorder services provided by its participating members.


The vision of Mid-State Health Network is to continually improve the health of our communities through the provision of premiere behavioral healthcare and leadership. Mid-State Health Network organizes and empowers a network of publicly-funded community partnerships essential to ensure quality of life while efficiently and effectively addressing the complex needs of the most vulnerable citizens in our region.

MSHN Compliance Plan FY17-18

MSHN Strategic Plan FY15-FY18

PIHP/MDHHS Medicaid Managed Specialty Supports and Services Concurrent 1915(b)/(c) Waiver Program FY18

MSHN FY 2018 Medicaid Subcontracting Agreement

HIPAA - Notice of Privacy Practices




MSHN’s population is 16.6% of the State’s population, and has almost the same percentage of the State’s Medicaid Eligible individuals: 16.3%.

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