Newsletter April 2021

Social Determinants of Health

Joseph Sedlock, Chief Executive Officer with contributions from Capitoline Consulting and Skye Pletcher, Director of Utilization and Care Management

One proposal that Mid-State Health Network will make during our regional and board strategic planning discussions will be the adoption of a fifth strategic priority: Better Equity.

In a behavioral health context, better equity means more equal access to, utilization of, and benefit from the
services and supports we offer so that all populations and subpopulations have proportionately equal
representation on these (and other) measures.

For many populations that are served through the public behavioral health system, social determinants of health
have significant impacts on health equity.  The following graphic published by the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF)
shows the relationship between social determinants of health on health and well-being.

MSHN Board Newsletter April 2021.jpg

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