Newsletter April 2020

Organizational Updates

Amanda Ittner


CoronaVirus, COVID-19, Executive Orders, Personal Protective Equipment…

What else can MSHN say about our activities in March? From our first meeting with our Regional Medical
Director, Dr. Alavi on March 11, 2020, to discuss our continued operations plan to now meeting virtually to
obtain clarification on Executive Orders and available personal protective equipment (PPE).

As our Leadership team provides their departmental updates in this newsletter, there has been significant
work behind the scenes to move our agency in a new state of business. I join Joe Sedlock in expressing
how extremely proud we are of our MSHN team, and how they immediately pulled our resources together,
and continue today, to support our providers, their fellow employees and, most importantly, to ensure the
individuals served by our network have essential supports and services.

Over the last month, MSHN’s focus has been on the immediate COVID logistics planning.  For further details on MSHN's COVID activities see below information included in the newsletter as well as our COVID website page.

Questions related to COVID should be directed to