Newsletter December 2018


Leslie Thomas

Chief Financial Officer

Interim Financial Status Reports (FSR) were submitted to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) in November. MSHN's interim projections indicate a fully funded Internal Service Fund (ISF) totaling more than $40 million. MDHHS allows Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans (PIHPs) to retain up to 7.5% of the current year's revenue for its ISF and an additional 7.5% in savings.

MSHN's internal finance team continues its sub-recipient monitoring through the site visit process for any provider rendering Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services. The monitoring includes enhanced oversight of fiscal policies, procedures, and business practices.

MSHN has been awarded numerous block grants for FY19 from MDHHS. Most of the block grant funds are targeted to address the Opioid crisis.

Finance staff continue its efforts with the MSHN's Managed Care Information System (REMI) which went live on February 1, 2018. These efforts include participation in team meetings as well as providing technical assistance to SUD contractors and internal staff. Finance staff are conducting REMI claims training during quarterly SUD provider meetings as well as developing supplemental help material.

MDHHS has increased Medicaid and Healthy Michigan (MI) funding for FY19 by more than $13.3 million net of taxes. MSHN projects a significant portion of the increase will be used as savings to cover regional Healthy MI cost overruns. MSHN will also continue its regional analysis to identify factors impacting Healthy MI expenses. Our overall goal is to ensure consumers receive medically necessary services in the most fiscally responsible way.

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